Getting locked out of my studio sucks

Most people haven’t given the security of their home much thought, that is until their house is burgled. A residential locksmith is usually only called after the fact, when it is too late. Rather than waiting like a sitting duck, take the time to inspect your home security situation. Are your locks adequate enough? Do they work properly? Is there anything else you could do to secure your home better? There are several ways you can improve home safety. Here is a guide to some common locking mechanisms used in homes and the benefits and disadvantages of each.


These range from cheap and useless to mid-range prices and slightly less useless. In terms of protecting valuables, padlocks are probably not the way to go. The main security problem with them is that they can be sliced with bolt cutters with little difficulty. There are some that are more difficult than others to get through, but if someone wants in badly enough a padlock won’t stop them for long. More expensive models can be rekeyed, but in many cases it’s just as easy to buy a new one. They work great for locking outdoor gates or lockers or if you need a portable option, but they are not the best option for permanent protection.

Knob Locks

A residential locksmith will often get calls regarding repair of these types. Knob locks are small buttons locating in the doorknob that is depressed to activate the mechanism. They’re most often found on bathrooms or areas that require privacy but not necessarily security. These can be picked fairly easily and are prone to breaking with repeated use. They’re generally never found on a main door except when accompanied by another lock such as a deadbolt.


These are some of the most common and sturdiest of protective locks available from a residential locksmith. There are two main types, which are most often seen, the single and double. The single has key entry on one side only (the exterior) and the inside turns to lock. The double has keyed entry on both sides. The double is obviously more secure, due to the additional barrier that must be overcome. However, losing and misplacing the key is common and can become frustrating. If there is an emergency such as a fire, and the key can’t be found, residents will be in trouble.

Door Chains

These sliding type locks are a favorite among very private individuals as they allow the resident to open the door a crack to speak with a visitor. While they’re quite handy for quickly getting rid of unwanted salesmen or neighbors, they aren’t the sturdiest of safety locks. With a little bit of force, the bolts can be busted and an intruder can enter if you don’t have the strength to push them back. While easily disarmed, many people simply feel more secure knowing they have the option, and sometimes a few seconds is all you need to save yourself. These should never be used exclusively and are best combined with deadbolts.

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