Rock Band

Looking forward to take your entertainment a level up? Rock band video game is both a social and interactive game from the Harmonix group. In case the spirit of rock music is going viral in you, then it will be even far much higher with rock band video game. Rock band video offers you a chance to rock fantasy of your own style and preference. Rock band offers a mixed authentic experience through a combination of breathtaking music of your own preferred music.

Rock band gives a chance of four players to play lead, bass guitar and drums. You could imagine immersing yourself in the shoes of the world renowned singers. You will find it sometimes very challenging having to master all the guitarists techniques when placed in that platform of rock band video. This video game features the most authentic content and rock genres of the world renowned rock artists and guitarists. You get scored depending on your ability to match the scrolling notes and vocals and pitch of the singer. 

As a rock band video game player using xBox360 and those using Playstation 3, they can freely interact through offline and online means. Currently, there are more than 200o songs that could be downloaded from DLC since the inception of the Xbox 360 and Playstation. Besides, the endless set-list of playable songs offers players unending experience of total pleasure. You can also play any type of song depending on your choice and preference on an individual instrument. You can also decide to compete with your fellow players using similar instruments. On the game disc, featured are the 58 core playable songs. 

Rock band video game is more of fantasy and worthy to play around at your leisure time. You could build a whole library of downloadable songs by utilizing rock band video game today. Transform your entertainment today with rock band video game. 

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